Independent Title Services, Inc.
Offering Quality, Thorough, Real Estate Title Services throughout Eastern Massachusetts

Independent Title Services, Inc. is a full service real estate title company, offering title related
services throughout Eastern Massachusetts.  By offering service in so many counties within
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are the only title examination company you will

Quality, commitment, customer relations, and timely service are of the utmost importance to
us. We serve each and every client with each of these qualities to continue to offer the best
services possible in the title examination field of real estate law.

With years of experience, Independent Title Services, Inc. is fully qualified to handle any and
all requests. With this experience we offer the best knowledge and quality in our work.

A full errors and omissions insurance policy ensures each client that Independent Title
Services, Inc. is covered under a preferred insurance policy relative to the nature of the
services provided.

Offering prompt, timely, and efficient service is one of our strongest attributes. We strive to
handle your requests smoothly and turn around a quality, thorough product in a timely
manner suitable to your needs. We understand how the fields of real estate and law work at
a very fast pace, and we work hard to fulfill your requests as quickly as possible with quality

Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding any questions you may have about
Independent Title Services, Inc. and the services we can provide to you.

References and examples of our quality work are available upon request.

Please contact Independent Title Services, Inc. for a breakdown of fees and specific services

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209 Johnson Street
North Andover, MA 01845

Phone: 978.360.7148
Fax:     781-658-2596
Independent Title
Services, Inc.

209 Johnson St.
North Andover, MA

Phone 978.360.7148
Fax     781.658.2596

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