Independent Title Services, Inc.
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209 Johnson Street
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Full Title Examination (50 Year Title Search)

Two Owner Title Rundown (Rundown of Title for Prior & Current Owner of Record)

Current Owner Title Rundown (Rundown of Title for Current Owner only)

Title Update (Rundown of Title from Specific Date Requested)

Document Recording (Preparation of Documents, Rundown of Title, & Record)

Document Request Pull (Pull, Copy, Fax a specific requested document)

Probate, Equity, or Divorce (Pull, Copy, Research & Review)
Independent Title
Services, Inc.

209 Johnson St.
North Andover, MA

Phone 978.360.7148
Fax     781.658.2596

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Independent Title Services, Inc. offers complete, full service real estate title assistance to all
legal and real estate professionals. Our client base is primarily real estate attorneys, yet
includes attorneys of all practices, title insurance companies, mortgage brokers, real estate
agents, and many more professionals involved in every day transactions of real estate.  We
serve each and every client with respect, professionalism, and dedication. Independent Title
Services, Inc. is here to provide you and your clients with the most dependable, quality, and
timely service.

In the field of real estate title work there are many requests that can be made and fulfilled.
Requests range from title examinations/abstracts for purchases and refinances of all types of
real estate, document recording, document pulling, research and review, probate, equity, and
divorce matters, and numerous other requests relative to legal matters.

Independent Title Services, Inc. can provide you with all types of services relative to your
needs. Please see some of the general services provided.
Please visit our "Order A Title" page to request a title exam, and our "Contact Us" page to
request a schedule of fees for services, or to inquire about anything else you may have
questions about. Thank You.